“18 tonnes of adulterated black pepper confiscated...”

The inclination of entering the Indian spice market came to the founders of CRISTA on 15th October 2014. On this day, The Times of India published an article, which brought to light an example of the blatant adulteration of spices in the domestic market. This serious issue has been prevalent in India for some time. The article spoke in detail about “the high concentration of cancer-causing mineral oil such as liquid paraffin and burnt diesel oil,” found in adulterated pepper by the Food Safety Department in Chennai.

In the Indian market, these malpractices are more frequent due to fragile safety norms and sporadic regulatory checks. Unknown to the Indian consumer, the health risks associated with this misconduct are severe.

Unhealthy mineral oils are used to embellish pepper with a higher weight and a darker black colour. Being an exporter of spices for the past four decades, the founders of CRISTA were aware of the mixing, adulteration and rampant malpractices carried on by some Indian businesses.

The harmful effects of excess sugar and salt have been well documented in medical journals. Spices are consumed with nearly every meal and it is therefore of some concern that most Indian consumers are unaware of the adulteration prevalent in the Indian spice market.

Every Indian deserves spices that are pure and fresh. CRISTA aims to reignite the debate on spices while offering only the most premium grade spices to you, the Indian consumer.  It is time to indulge in pure spices.


  • Specialists in spice procurement since 1981
  • Leading exporter of spices; recognised by the Spices Board of India
  • Experienced leadership team consisting of a former Chairman of the All India Spices Exporters Forum
  • Multi decade relationship with suppliers pan India and overseas
  • Spices are frequently lab tested to pass international cleanliness specifications